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Your baby is crying and you don't know why!  If only he could tell you what was wrong...

Let me show you how they can!

I am so glad I found this online!!  I am so excited - signing is something that I have always wanted to learn...I find it so fascinating! I have 2 and 4 yr old (boys) that are really showing interest in learning as well. My four year old watched some of these videos with me after I downloaded them and he is already showing everyone what he has learned!!! Now my four year old is asking to watch the videos and practice every night!!  I love this! I thank you for your help and this wonderful opportunity! God bless!  

Jennifer Kotzbauer Erlanger, Ky
When my niece was about 10 months old she would get very frustrated and yell and cry a lot.  I taught her how to sign 3 signs "please" "more” and "eat".  She stopped yelling and throwing tantrums in a matter of 20 minutes! 

Kelly Bunting – Santa Clara, UT

These are just a few of the benefits of teaching your child sign language: 
  • Earlier communication with your child.
  • Some children learn to sign as early as 7 or 8 months – much earlier than a typical baby learns to talk!
  • Babies who can communicate through sign are often much happier babies and toddlers which translates into a happier YOU!
  • Babies who can sign have shown less frustration and have fewer tantrums overall, since they can usually communicate their needs better.
  • Studies have shown that babies who learned sign as infants had a higher IQ overall than babies who didn’t learn sign.
  • Children who have learned sign have been shown to have more advanced language skills than children who have not learned sign.
  • Signing in the classroom has led to improved math scores among students.
  • Learning sign language at an early age helps develop the brain in the critical early years of language development.
  • Signing with your child provides a unique bonding experience between you and your child. 
  • Signing opens the doors to wonderful friendships with those who use ASL as their primary language. 
  • Signing helps promote self-esteem in children.
  • You would be surprised at how often knowing sign language really comes in handy for both you and your child!  
  • Signing is FUN for the whole family!!!!!
When our son was 18 months old he had trouble saying words.  We started teaching him signs and he was thrilled to be able to finally communicate with us!  He communicated quite well in signs for an entire year before the floodgates opened with a rush of completely articulate words, sentences, and phrases!  He is now in the first grade and reads two years above his grade level and is in the top of his class in math.  I can’t put a price on how valuable these techniques have been with our family!!   

Wendy Jensen and her Signing family

Wendy is also the author of  the e-book “Positive Parenting:  Developing Discipline Without Yelling, Nagging, Spanking, or Time-Outs!”  For more information go to:

"More and more research in the Early Childhood field is leading to encouraging young children to use sign language.  The more language or signs that a child can accumulate in the earliest years, the greater the vocabulary growth and verbal intellectual development later in life.  Communication through sign seems to build connections in the brain.  I have seen typically developing children and developmentally delayed children benefit through the use of early signs.  Sign Language for Babies and Beyond is a great tool for any developmental specialist, parent, or caretaker to have."

-Mikelle Yates Hafen, M.S. Early Intervention Specialist, Counselor -St. George, UT

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips & techniques this e-book will teach you:

  • Learn how you can communicate with your baby much earlier than you would if you simply wait for him to learn how to talk (Chapter One)

  • Find out how you can greatly reduce your child’s frustrations and tantrums!  (Chapter Two)

  • Learn how sign language develops the brain and has actually been linked to a higher IQ in children!  (Chapter three)

  • Dispel any fears that sign language may delay speech development and find out why the opposite is actually true!  (Chapter Four)

  • Discover the best time to start signing to your baby (Chapter five) 

  • Learn the advantages of learning American Sign Language rather than inventing your own signs (Chapter six)  
  • Learn how children make the transitions from gestures to signs to speech (Chapter seven)
  • Learn the benefits of learning sign language to music (Chapter Eight)  

  • Learn how Sign Language can promote self-esteem in your child! (Chapter Nine) 

  • Learn how to teach your child Sign Language in a natural environment!  (Chapter Ten)   

  • Learn the benefits of utilizing sign language in children who have speech-delays or special needs.  (Chapter Eleven and Twelve)

  • Learn how to use sign language to develop reading skills (Chapter Thirteen)

  • Learn how to reduce the noise level in your home or classroom! (Chapter Fourteen) 

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I have had the good fortune of being able to visit in the Jensen home in my role as a speech-language pathologist working for an early intervention program.When I started with them, Janelle, then 2 ½ years old, had a severe articulation delay.  Sometimes, such a delay can be a source of great frustration for a child and their parents.  I have seen similar situations where a child has not been able to be understood and they have started to either shut down socially or exhibit behavior problems.  In the Jensen’s case, Janelle was able to communicate through sign language while we were working on improving her articulation skills.  She was very interactive, attentive and had excellent imitation skills, which I credit, in part, to her signing environment.  In only a few months and right before her third birthday, Janelle had improved in both her speech and language skills to the normal range.  As a side note, the Jensen’s youngest, a 16 month old who also signs, is impressively advanced in her verbal skills.  I credit the Jensen’s loving family environment, their language and literacy based home and the fact that their children have learned sign from an early age. I whole-heartedly endorse the concept of a ‘sign and say’ environment at an early age as presented so well in Wendy’s Sign Language for Babies and Beyond.

Martell Bennion, MA, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
St. George, UT

My son is 18 months old. At 16 months he was saying one word "dadadadada". He was referred to a program (Birth to Three) and the speech therapist suggested using some Baby sign language, which I started right away. I read your tips and suggestions, it was wonderful. Within one week of starting the signing, he could sign 5 words! "More, Eat, Mine, Milk, and All Done" We have since found out he has some hearing loss from an ear infection we never knew he had. If it wasn't for baby sign language, my son would still not have any form of communication with us! So thank you very much for your site and all the great information you provided!

Mary Miller

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Dear parent or care-giver:

My name is Wendy Jensen.  I have been involved with American Sign Language for over 22 years. Throughout these years I have worked as an Interpreter for the Deaf, sign language mentor, and ASL college instructor. Although I understood the benefits of sign language for the Deaf, I didn’t fully realize all of the benefits of signing with typical hearing children until I started signing with my own children fifteen years ago.  I was amazed at what I found!  Please join me in this journey of discovery and find out for yourself what sign language can do for YOU and YOUR family!

To your signing success!!

Wendy Westra Jensen 

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Really enjoying your emails, especially the last one. My 9 month old, Sophia, now recognizes 'drink' & 'more' & it was good to read the steps you took in introducing sign to your children. Can't wait until Sophia is able to sign back. We've had a lot of rain lately so she recognizes the sign for rain & gets very excited when we sig 'bath'.  My son who is 10 years is also enjoying learning to sign & not only do we do the usual communication with our eyes - we can now sign to each other!  Keep the emails coming- thank you for opening up a whole new world for our whole family!


Joan Hodson

Since having access to your sign videos our 2 1/2 year old daughter has picked up signing very quickly.  My husband is hearing impaired and without his aids on he cannot hear at all, but even with them on, I noticed he was missing at least 50% of what Mikayelah was saying to him. Mikayelah  sat with me at the computer and tried to copy every sign video and loved it. She often uses signs with her words like food and drink, but the other night when asked to say good night to Daddy, she did so happily…. and without encouragement signed: “I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!!”  How wonderful is that??? (of course mummy promptly cried!)

Jenny Jays

Queensland, Australia

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